Got corporate-level problems? Imaginatik wants to solve them. The Collective Intelligence software provider works by making sense of the loose information floating around an organization, and streamlining the innovation process via a solution called Idea Central 10.


Basically, we’re talking about Knowledge Management. The concept is nothing new of course, but Imaginatik has about a decade of experience under their belt and these veterans are doing what they can to integrate newer concepts into the process. Namely: Social Media.

This isn’t a Marc Benioff thing; Imaginatik has its reservations. But the team behind the company also understands the need to stay in the loop. In a phone interview, the team claimed that when you feel like a part of the voice of a company, you’re more inclined to be productive.

Accordingly, Imaginatik has channeled a lot of our favorite new social concepts into Idea Central 10.

Idea Central 10

Imaginatik is big on customer intimacy. Idea Central 10 reflects that focus through a list of goals:

  • Drive participation and collaboration
  • Deliver value to leaders by giving them more control over the structure and outcomes of innovation initiatives
  • Combine key social media tools with innovation efforts
  • Extract value through data- and text-mining capabilities
  • Provide a versatile platform to enable a wide variety of innovation activities.

In other words, ask a question and get an answer: 

Imaginatik screenshot

Of course, companies don't need to have a specific question beforehand. Imaginatik helps you sort your information until main issues are narrowed down. 

“Computers without people don’t work. People without computers don’t scale,” said Mark Turrell, CEO of Imaginatik. “Our customers value Imaginatik for our insights, process knowledge and guidance as well as the technology. Idea Central 10 takes Collective Intelligence to a new level, giving executives the tools they need to tap into employee brainpower and the world at large to deliver tangible business results."

Check out their site for more details, or the follow video: