Inmagic (news, site) has bolstered its social knowledge management platform with SharePoint interoperability features. Who doesn't want to connect to MOSS nowadays?

Adding (In)Magic to SharePoint

The newest version Presto 3.1 builds on top of 3.0 that was the socialized version and adds SharePoint (and other ASP.NET applications) compatibility to ensure Presto remains a valid choice to the many companies embracing Microsoft's content/document management platform.

The new capabilities of Presto 3.1 include SharePoint-compatible Web Parts and a new Web Services API. In practice, this means that while a SharePoint-only user has limited workflow control over certain content, Presto for Social Libraries (a sister product specializing in library storage) creates a complete system to manage the flow of documents.

Similarly, while SharePoint  works with data often stored in distinct silos, Presto brings the information together through its single access portal.

Why Presto Can Be Magical

At its core, Presto aims to improve a business' productivity by helping refine business data and information, so that the wisdom gleaned from all corners can be refined and used to improve performance.

Knowledge can be retained by the system, as people come and go, and maintained by administrators to keep the "good stuff." This could be in the form of text, but can equally be applied to images, diagrams, video and other types of content.

Presto does this by being able to search all data and metadata; using phrases, terms, proximity and other techniques to track down the relevant information that can help a company. The 3.1 version helps apply all of these techniques to companies that use SharePoint -- and there are a lot of them out there.

Presto 3.1 potential benefits can be summed as follows:

  • Better interoperability among current IT environments
  • Better social collaboration
  • Faster information discovery
  • Better content quality

Presto 3.1 will be available in the third quarter of 2009. For more info, check out Presto 3.1 page and SharePoint integration resources.