Omniture Widgetizes SiteCatalyst
Looking for ways to get its SiteCatalyst solution into the faces of ever more audiences, Omniture, provider of website analytics, announced the SiteCatalyst Widget. SiteCatalyst is Omniture's foundation product providing real-time web analytics for website and mobile solutions. They recently added to their product through the acquisition of some assets from search provider Mercado. The widget enables you to share and publish SiteCatalyst reports, dashboard and bookmarks integrating the content into any type of application. Possibilities include iGoogle, the Google Toolbar, Windows Live websites, Yahoo! Desktop and just about any website or intranet that supports widgets. Jim Sterne, founder of the eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit said, "With the SiteCatalyst Widget, Omniture is making Web analytics ubiquitous throughout businesses, allowing them to make more informed decisions." A smart move by Omniture as it helps put analytics into the eye of the business without forcing them to go into the full application and figure out how to use it. After all, it is the business who needs to see the information and make decisions related to how their websites are performing. We wanted to see what a sample SiteCatalyst widget looked like in something like iGoogle or an intranet site, but alas, we are left to our imaginations. The SiteCatalyst widget is definitely an enterprise offering, something Google should look into for their analytics solution.