Washington D.C. based VIDIZMO (news,site) announced support for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 in the cloud-based and on-premise editions of its interactive training tool. VIDIZMO provides solutions for training, compliance, corporate communication, knowledge-sharing and organizational development for small to midsize organizations, educational institutions, government and healthcare.


New Components for SharePoint Users

The new release makes VIDIZMO components including Live Presenter and Recorder, On-Demand Presenter, Advanced Analytics, Testing and Certification and Media Management Portal available in SharePoint 2010. The components allow customers to:

  • Perform course-authoring
  • Create a training repository
  • Capture and broadcast live training
  • Measure analytics
  • Perform real-time assessments
  • Monetize live and on-demand content
  • Create SharePoint workflows for controlling content dissemination


VIDIZMO course hosting in SharePoint 2010

Integration with Microsoft Technologies

The suite, developed using Microsoft technologies, such as SQL Server and .NET, offers tight integration with a variety of products in addition to SharePoint. Customers can leverage content from Live Meeting and access training from within Microsoft Dynamics. Windows Azure provides hosting for the cloud edition. The program can also be run on a Mac.


VIDIZMO architecture

Analytics, Rich Media, Registration and More

Interactive multimedia training and exams can be created by integrating Office PowerPoint 2007 slides, quizzes, closed captions, surveys, wmv/MP4 videos, sounds, PDFs and perhaps most importantly, Flash content including (.SWF) and (.FLV) videos. Flash content can be imported and linked from any internal or external source. VIDIZMO also offers real-time search and valuation capabilities for training.

Previous releases of VIDIZMO’s tools included support for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007. The newest version, which extends to support 2010, includes improved features. In addition to the previously implemented single sign-on, interactive rich media search and playback, viewer tracking, reporting and viewing schedule management, new features include:

  • Anonymous viewing within the SharePoint
  • Live session enrollment -- SharePoint users can search and register for upcoming live sessions

Analytics capabilities are enhanced in the most recent version as well. VIDIZMO revealed the availability of three new reports -- Detailed User Report, Certificate Report and Quiz Report. The new reports should reduce the amount of time spent on user assessment by providing detailed and comprehensive information for the administrator and the student. Reports are available to show individual performance or that of an entire organization.

Mid-market organizations heavily invested in Micrososft technologies and considering the purchase of a training platform should definitely consider taking a look at VIDIZMO's offerings. The company offers a software as a service solution with monthly pricing that can help organizations get ramped up quickly. Organizations with more advanced needs can host the solution internally and integrate with existing enterprise applications.