Intrexx (news, site) from United Planet aims for the mobile admin with the latest features in its enterprise portal with both compact and professional versions available.

Business For The Mobile Age

Intrexx has been a long-used tool for those creating business applications and portals that can formalize processes, encourage collaboration and save both time and money. Its recent update sees the product branch into a Compact version for small businesses (with less than 25 desktops) and the Professional version for larger users.

It also sees the features available on the desktop head to the mobile space (be it on a BlackBerry, iPhone or other device) thanks to a rapid conversion process. The original app is created by the Intrexx drag and drop process that automatically converts the app and required data from your ERP or CRM.


Apps can be converted from desktop to mobile in short order

Having apps accessible anywhere allows users that work on the road or have intermittent laptop access to be as effective as when in the office when it comes to authorizing work, processing documents, adding data and signing off. With some 30 commonly-used apps provided in the package, you might not even need to create your own.

At The Store

Further applications can be picked up at Intrexx's store which has plenty of custom, role- or task-specific apps, available as free or paid for extensions for the core product. Adapters can help integrate your apps with documents from Microsoft Office, SAP and Lotus Notes.

Additionally, Intrexx improves intranet and Internet speed by reducing load times for these pages by up to 90%, due to improved caching mechanisms.

Intrexx is available on offer from just 49 euros ($US 62) for a five user starter pack. The Professional version is available as a starter package at 1,500 euros ($US 1,900) with various bundles of user licenses. Runtime and Service licenses are also available and there is a free trial available for download.

Intrexx will be sponsoring Gartner's upcoming London Portals Content and Collaboration on September 15 and 16 and will be hightlighting its mobile capabilities.