Social Business Software Working for Jive
Jive Software (news, site) has announced Jive Market Engagement, a new service integrated into their Social Business Software, designed to help organizations not only monitor social activity related to them, but to also measure, share and engage with their communities based on that information.

Actively Monitoring The Social Web

Jive has partnered with Radian6, a social media monitoring company to provide integrated social analytics into the Social Business Software platform.

The Jive Market Engagement Platform is designed to monitor the social web, including blog posts, videos and photos, forums, online news, and social network sites like FriendFeed and Twitter for mentions of an organizations brand.


Jive Market Engagement

This information is then brought in areas of SBS called Market Spaces, where teams can actively discuss what to do with the information, what Jive refers to as a "war room" type environment.

Team members are not limited to information culled by the monitoring solution, but can also pull in their own information gleamed from tweets, blogs and other locations.

Along with Market Spaces, summary reports are created -- known as Viewpoints -- that can be shared across the organization. With this information, responses can be made, implemented and tracked within the solution.


Jive Viewpoint

Learning Opportunities

Similar to Telligent Analytics?

Jive is not the first social media vendor to offer integrated monitoring. Telligent announced a new version of their analytics solution just last month. Telligent Analytics also offers monitoring of both internal and external communities as well as the ability to add external buzz feeds.

The difference between the two appears to be in how that information can be pulled into these Market Spaces where teams can actively collaborate on solutions to problems or ways to broaden the community conversations around their brand.

Jive Market Engagement is available now. To learn more about this new solution, sign up for a webinar on September 29 at 1pm EST or head over to the Market Engagement section of the Jive website.