Jive Brings Together Innovation Management and Communities

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A solid 2009 behind them, Jive Software (news, site)has elected to accelerate their investment in SBS, starting with a new module for Innovation Management called Ideation.

Mixing Innovation Mgt and Marketing Engagement

The first new module coming out this year for Jive's Social Business Software is Jive Ideation, an innovation management tool. Ideation is an optional module for SBS, but still tightly integrated into the core platform. Like other innovation management tools like Spigit and BrightIdea, it captures, organizes and prioritizes ideas that are generated by employees, partners or even customers.


single-idea: With a simple click, you can quickly view idea details, including its stage, comments, score and even who voted.

Because Ideation is part of SBS, innovation management can be much more collaborative though. The combination of Jive Ideation and Jive Marketing Engagement enables organizations to go out, monitor for ideas and then bring them into an employee or external customer community to start discussing.

As Adam Mertz, Jive's Product Marketing Manager for Ideation told us, "many ideas die on the vine". With Jive Ideation that won't happen.

So aside from the integration with Jive SBS, is there anything different about Jive Ideation that makes it stand out from similar solutions? Mertz says there are a few things you should know:

  • There is a robust feature set for administrators and moderators.
  • A dynamic spotlight search on the idea title will show you similar ideas and help reduce duplication.
  • Workflow capabilities improve the visibility of an idea.
  • An idea template to ensure you are capturing ideas consistently
  • The ability to insert rich media into the idea and view it directly within SBS


top-ideas: Top and recent ideas are easily highlighted, plus it's possible to vote on an idea from the summary view.

Why Innovation Management?

This is the question we put to Jive CMO Ben Kiker. The answer has two parts. First Kiker told us that Jive's strategy for expanding the footprint of SBS is to go into markets where community capabilities are weak or non-existent. Second, he said they prioritize their modules based on feedback from their users and they work with their users to develop capabilities.

That feedback put Ideation behind Jive Marketing Engagement. Good news is it available now and is being used by a number of Jive customers. Kiker says what is interesting is that of the 10 customers using Ideation, they come from eight different vertical industries -- showing that there is broad appeal for this functionality across all their customers.

Learning Opportunities

Standalone or Part of SBS

Jive Ideation is an optional module for SBS, but it can also be purchased as a standalone module without SBS. The Marketing Engagement Module can be purchased in the same manner.

Of course by using Ideation standalone you are kind of missing the point of adding community capability and what that adds to the mix.

Interested in purchasing Jive Ideation? It will cost you US$ 20,000 for an annual subscription.

What's in Jive's Future?

Kiker told us that Jive is undergoing a period of transformational growth. This is part of the reason that David Hersh has been elected as Chairman to the Board of Directors and Tony Zingale has replaced him as CEO on an interim basis.

Hersh will be actively searching for a new CEO that may just have the responsibility of an IPO on his or her hands.

Looks like Jive may be a company to watch closely this year.