Jive Gets Social Media Monitoring via Filtrbox Acquisition

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Jive Acquires FiltrBox for Social Media Monitoring
The start of 2010 is bring news of acquisitions left and right in the social media world. Not to be left out, Jive Software (news, site) adds their name to the list of acquirers picking up social media monitoring provider Filtrbox.


Do More Than Monitor Social Media

We really don't have to tell you how important it is to monitor and manage your brand across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Positive or negative, it's critical you understand what your customers and others are saying about you so you can deal with problems proactively.

Jive Software knows this and understands it's about more than simply monitoring the conversation. They had already integrated social media monitoring service Radian 6 with their SBS platform through their Market Engagement Platform.

The Jive Market Engagement Platform is designed to monitor the social web, including blog posts, videos and photos, forums, online news and social network sites like FriendFeed and Twitter for mentions of an organizations brand. The information is then moved in to "war rooms" to actively manage any problems.

Jive's SVP of Products, Christopher Morace, says reaffirms their belief that this type of activity is not just for the Marketing department or CMO:

Engineering, Products, Marketing, Customer Service, Sales, and even corporate executives have taken advantage of the chance to enter into an open dialogue. Their handling of praise and criticism entered into the annals of the internet for the judgment of every future person who considers doing business with them.

Bringing the Monitoring Activity in House

Utilizing an external monitoring service is fine, but Jive wants to get tighter integration. To do this, they acquired Filtrbox, another social media monitoring solution.

Jive pointed to Filtrbox's pricing model, intuitive user interface and on-demand business model as some of the reasons for selecting it above others in the market.

Learning Opportunities

Among other capabilities, Filtrbox provides the ability to prioritize feeds and adjusts the ranking of the information it delivers based on what actions you perform on that information. Another nice feature is the ability to analyze "influencers" in the marketplace.

Taking it Further into the Enterprise

Jive is looking at this acquisition for something more than monitoring the social web. They are, after all, pushing their SBS platform as an enterprise solution.

Seeing SBS as the "business hub" that connects "people, content, and activities across the extended enterprise", Jive wants to utilize the Filtrbox capabilities, among other SBS functionality, to build business-critical applications that take advantage of the social web.

Now Jive says that no other social software provider offers the ability to both monitor and engage the conversations happening on the social web. But we aren't completely sure about that. Other solutions, like Telligent and Awareness offer monitoring, but engagement perhaps happens a bit differently.

The social media monitoring and engagement space is a key component to Enterprise 2.0 solutions today and we will be watching closely to see how vendors are providing solutions to meet these needs.

For now, read a detailed FAQ on the Filtrbox acquistion to see how you may be affected.

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