2009 the Most Successful Year for Jive Software, So Far

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Jive Breaks Records for Revenue in 2009
We've told you before that Jive Software (news, site) is on a mission, a mission to become the critical, go-to platform for enterprises. To achieve that goal, they spent some time in 2009 making some improvements to their Social Business Software platform including:

An in addition to new services and integrations, they also picked up US$ 12 million in funding to do all that and more.

So has it paid off for the social software company? Apparantely it has.

Learning Opportunities

Jive Software is reporting a record year for 2009 -- their best ever -- with full year revenue 85% over revenues in 2008. Their fourth quarter was their best with a number of new clients coming on board and a number of renewals. Add to that an increase in employees to 200 and a marketing focus that reached out across the pond and into government.

We entered 2009 against a strong economic headwind that impacted virtually every industry and saw technology investments pared or eliminated altogether,” said Dave Hersh, CEO of Jive Software. “In the face of uncertainty, Social Business Software emerged as a "must have" for enterprises looking to not only survive, but to thrive. As a result, by virtually any measure 2009 was a record year for Jive.

Their success is also demonstrated by industry recognition from the likes of Gartner, Forrester and IDC. IDC called them one of 10 Innovative Application Companies Under $100M to Watch. So that's what we will do -- watch.