Last year ended well and this year is looking even better for Jive Software (news, site). It's becoming pretty obvious that social business software is at the top of every organization's list of things to consider.

Is the First Quarter a Sign of a Good Year?

Jive certainly hopes so. Quarter 1 revenues are 35% higher than those of Quarter 1 2009. That's over 6 million individuals with more than 250 million page views per month.  This past quarter provided Jive with:

  • Multiple client contracts of over US$ 1 million
  • Their largest customer to date
  • More new business than any other period

In addition, Jive added 20% more to their own family reaching over 250 strong (and there's room for more).

Investing in Social Business Software has never been a question of if, but when, and that time is now,” said Tony Zingale, CEO of Jive Software. “This market is growing quickly because leading brands are making significant investments in how they engage more effectively with customers and employees. These enterprises are turning to Jive, and the powerhouse combination of our team and product are driving our track record of success.”

The first quarter of 2010 also brought a new CEO to Jive. Tony Zingale is on board as interim CEO until the company can find someone to lead them into the next phase.

Growth Through Acquisition and App Development

Of course, so far this year Jive has been hard at work expanding Jive SBS with new functionality. It started with the integration of Filtrbox into their Marketing Engagement Solution (the update coming sometime this year), to bring real time social media monitoring in-house and continued with a new module for Innovation Management (a topic that is very much at the top of organization's minds these days).

We're sure there is more to come. If you want to know more about SBS, considering attending JiveWorld 2010 in September.