Madcap Feedback Server: Community Analysis

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MadCap: Feedback Server
MadCap Software introduced version 2 of their server-based feedback system. It is available as both a hosted or client-server feedback solution. If you really want, need, desire deep analysis of and interaction with a site’s content comments, and they’re piling up faster than they do on gluehuffingtonpost.com after they publish a pic of the Prez firing up a menthol out in the Rose Garden -- MadCap hopes you try their solution.

MadCap feedback server is aimed at content development teams needing Web 2.0 features, such as blog-style comments and topic ratings to enable and foster better collaboration among team members and the readers of their documentation.

MadCap Feedback Server appears suited to large-scale, web-based, community-style help systems and team collaborative efforts requiring input from readers to enhance the content’s value. The software offers numerous analysis features based on its grading and reporting framework.


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MadCap Feedback Server

Version 2.0 of the MadCap Feedback Server adds several new capabilities including:

  • Customizable user profiles: Allow authors to customize the information that is required when users register their user profile, depending on the user’s preferences and relationship with the company. Additionally, users can edit their profiles once they have been created.
  • Email notifications: With version 2.0, lets end users choose to receive email notifications when certain events take place with online content. For example, users can receive emails whenever replies to their comments are posted.
  • Context-sensitive Help: (CSH) ID tracking lets authors track how many times each of their CSH identifiers have been invoked, providing better insight into how readers are using online documentation and Help systems.
  • Performance and scalability: Enhancements at the application and supporting database level have further optimized the Feedback Server’s responsiveness under heavy loads.

Feedback Server is part of the MadCap Software documentation family. A suite of products built to encompass content workflow from authoring and casual contribution; to multi-channel publishing of high-end print, online and multimedia content; to content analysis, localization, and collaboration.Over 1,000 companies including Microsoft are customers of MadCap’s native XML software for content authoring and multi-channel publishing.