Memeo Connect Improves Google Docs Integration
Remember Memeo Connect (news, site)? We last reviewed the tool earlier this year when it provided a way for Google Docs users to manage and sync their files offline and across multiple desktops. This week the solution is back with a major upgrade.

Memeo Connect 2.0

It's Friday so we'll get straight down to business. The second version of Memeo Connect does the following new and cool stuff:

  • Creates a drive (called GDrive) that looks and acts like a regular external drive, enabling users to drag documents into it for syncing with Google Docs, or saving straight from an application like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. 
  • Brings full text search and version archiving from Google Docs to desktops. 
  • Improves viewing and sharing documents online. 

"The data, statistically and anecdotally, is clearly telling us that Google Docs adoption remains in the mid-market...the SMBs and very small enterprises," said Spencer Chen, Memeo's Director of Strategy and Business Development. "Microsoft Office just celebrated its 20th birthday and Google Apps is not going to displace that overnight. But we're very bullish on the long-term."

Because there's no such thing as a free lunch, Memeo Connect will run users US$ 9 per user, per year for businesses and organizations that already have a Premier account with Google Apps. Or, you can get a both the Google Apps account and Memeo Connect, bundled, for US$v 59 per user, per year. 

The company also includes apps for the iPhone and iPad with this update, enabling users to manage documents on the go. 

Check it all out here