We covered Memopal's move to mobile-assisted storage recently. Now Memopal (news, site) offers 30% off for users wanting to switch from other services to take advantage of its remote storage facility.

To boost interest in the overall service, the Italian company has a tempting offer for those that currently use other online backup services. The offer runs until September 15 and covers both the personal and business editions. Tell them which service you use and why you don't like it, and you will be entitled to the discount.

Which services are not specified. For example, if you use Microsoft's free SkyDrive, does that count? Or, if you use Symantec's high-end Veritas NetBackup PureDisk? You will have to fill out the form see if you qualify.

With the business edition starting at €48 for 10GB storage a year (before the discount), Memopal supports the following operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003, Mac and Linux (both in Beta), iPhone App Store and Mobile.

If you want to switch from your existing service or have a pressing need for remote storage that is easily accessible anywhere, then the discount offer may be tempting to consider.