Share Files, Video and More Using Your Mobile Device

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Share Files, Video and More Using Your Mobile Device
Memopal is an Italian company with a smart way for you to share files, images and video stored on your desktop rapidly using your smartphone.

Your Document Portal

Memopal Online Backup is a solution available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a useful tool that creates an instant permanent backup site for essential files stored on your desktop. With the utility installed on your desktop, you can use it to backup any file to Internet-based storage.

Add Memopal Mobile and you can now share those files with friends or colleagues via your smartphone -- be it the iPhone, Blackberry or another device.

Files are versioned and updated in real time, so older copies are retained and alterations can be viewed, ideal if several people are working on a file. You can then invite colleagues to access the files, this can be for a day, week or indefinitely. A useful feature if the data in the file is time sensitive.

One practical application is that mobile users can leave archives of images or video on the service and call them up to show clients without needing to lug a laptop around.

Check out how it works:

Security Concerns?

Obviously, leaving files on a server could be a risky business, but the Memopal utility encrypts everything that it sends. Authentication is required to access the file repository and Memopal's MGFS inspection (Memopal Global File System) cannot reveal the owner of the backed-up file or the name of the original file.

Learning Opportunities


The mobile element can be managed either by an iPhone App or any mobile browser on a smartphone. You can browse the content of your store and choose files you wish to share.

So, if Joe in Tokyo urgently needs to see some design docs, you can grant him access without having to get someone to email them from your desktop.

Memopal is available in a personal version at €49 a year for 150GB of storage and there is variable pricing for business editions.