Determined not to let Apple make all the running, Microsoft (news, site) is highlighting how the useful its SkyDrive service is already an essential part of Windows Phone.


Comparing Mango to Apple

Trying to put a spoiler in front of Apple's recent iOS5 and iCloud news, Microsoft is touting its reasonably long-serving SkyDrive service as a suitable alternative in a recent Windows Live Blog Post. Highlighting how Hotmail can sync your mail and documents and SkyDrive acts as cloud storage is apparently enough to shoot holes in Apple's iCloud.

Of course, there is no media management or synching between multiple devices, but we suppose the point is that it's here now, and will be more firmly embedded in the upcoming Windows Phone 'Mango' update and, by association, Windows 8.

Learning Opportunities

Users not API

The big difference is Apple's openness in allowing coders access to the API to work the features into their own apps, whereas Microsoft is keeping things firmly sealed at the moment. What the post does reveal is that Microsoft is paying very close attention to Apple's moves (and those of other rivals) and is ready to meet them head on.

With Mango still being tweaked, who knows what we could see in the final version and, particularly for Windows 8, there is plenty of time for all-around cloud function and syncing for multiple devices to be present. But as Microsoft points out, for now, it can do quite a few things that Apple won't until September. 

Of course, SkyDrive is free while Apple will be charging for some iCloud services. Does this mean Microsoft will see a further revenue opportunity from the product in future?