When productivity solution provider Mindjet (news, site) mixed its business with Salesforce.com, out came a visually stimulating SaaS application. Mindjet Deal Navigator helps sales teams “win faster” by using graphics to maximize investment in Salesforce.com. 

Something To Look At

In order to win, Mindjet says you need to know your customer’s organization and all the people involved in a purchase decision. This is where Mindjet Deal Navigator comes in. The tool organizes and displays the necessary information for evaluating a deal status by automatically creating editable account maps within Salesforce.com.

Here’s an example:

Mindjet Deal Navigator Account Status

These account maps work to make sure everyone on the team is on the same page when it comes to opportunities. Users can narrow things down by identifying contant roles such as “champion” and “evaluator”, as well as indicate a contact’s disposition toward the deal in question by using preference flags and icons.

With a Purpose

With these maps, users of Mindjet Deal Navigator can: 

  • See at a glance whether you have all the information to plan your sales strategy
  • Avoid manually creating and updating the charts needed for sales opportunity assessment
  • Map out next steps using filters and visual cues that highlight the most relevant contacts
  • Identify potential roadblocks before issues arise using comments
  • Use a consistent format to simplify management account reviews
  • Update, edit, and incorporate feedback on the fly, with all changes automatically saved into salesforce.com and shown in the chart

“Salespeople want simple tools to help them win more and win faster,” said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. “Mindjet Deal Navigator provides exactly that by leveraging Mindjet’s information visualization technology to instantly create graphical maps and organization charts of accounts, helping the sales team to visualize opportunities and focus on the right strategy to close business faster.

Seeing is Believing 

As visualization tools climb the popularity ladder in the enterprise, Mindjet is working hard to secure their spot as a leader. Their primary tool, MindManager, is at the forefront. Like Mindjet Deal Navigator, MindManager gathers all the information a user is working with and spits it out in graphical format.  

Earlier this month Mindjet positioned this tool as a solution to SharePoint shortcomings by consolidating user information. The tool boasts productivity without sacrificing your sharing or collaboration capabilities--something we think most people are looking for in this To Be or Not To Be Like Facebook era

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