MindTouch's Record Growth Forces Need for a Full Time CFO

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MindTouch Adds Collaborative Video and More to MindTouch 2009
MindTouch (newssite) is certainly doing well these days. So well, they have finally broken down and appointed a full-time CFO. More proof that collaborative business solutions have found their place in the market.

Recording Record Revenues

2010 is shaping up to be a big year for the San Diego based company focused on collaborative, integrated business solutions. In fact, they say they are looking at tripling their revenues, a pretty impressive feat. So well are they doing that they decided it was time to go out and get themselves a CFO.

And they found one in Byoung Lee, a former partner and High-tech practice Lead at Tatum, LLC. Aside from what should be his obvious abilities to fill the CFO position, MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson says he's also "a great guy to get a beer with".

Lee isn't the only new member coming to MindTouch, they are also looking to fill over 50 new positions, focusing on product development (suggest to gain a liking for beer if you are applying).

Content Creation, Content Curation

So we joke a little about MindTouch and their love of beer, but they have been putting out some strong solutions this year including integration with Fujitsu Document Scanning and integration with SugarCRM for collaborative CRM. 

Learning Opportunities

But their biggest product update came in the form of strategic content via authoring tools, discovery and curation analytics or MindTouch 2010. That's right, you may think it a bit dull, but technical documentation can be one of your strongest assets (another pitch for Information Management Agility). 

What MindTouch 2010 is, is a perfect example of how to leverage the MindTouch platform for a specific business purpose. But even more important, it is a perfect example of a collaborative application that works for a specific business purpose (collaboration in context). 

What's Next for MindTouch?

Well we don't know. But we bet it's more research and product development in collaborative business applications. There's much more focus on the importance of technical documentation and the curation process, so we expect to continue hearing more about that.

For now though, it is Friday and my Alexander Kieth's beer is awaiting me in my fridge, icy cold and ready to kick off the weekend.