MindTouch (news, site) is adding a little extra functionality to their open source collaboration platform by integrating it with SugarCRM.

Getting Collaborative Within SugarCRM

We expected no less than to hear a number of announcements coming out of the SugarCon conference that is ending today. Box.net has integrated with the open source customer relationship management platform SugarCRM and RhoLogic has built the first mobile application using it.

It should be no surprise that MindTouch has also announced a partnership that will see the MindTouch platform leveraged within the SugarCRM environment.

The integration has actually been done by Levementum, a consulting firm that has an Open Source Practice. It enables Sugar users to create documents, pages, templates and more within MindTouch for collaboration on sales opportunities directly within the Sugar environment.

This integration enables internal team members, partners and customers to access the documents and information they need.

Collaborative CRM is the Center of the Enterprise 2.0 Universe

That's the name of the session MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson gave at SugarCon this week. In it he talked about how times have changed and customer relationship management is no longer a one-sided tool for managing customers.

As consumers we demand a more collaborative relationship, more opportunity to participate and have our say in how companies provide services and solutions to us.

Obviously Fulkerson understands how important it is for a CRM solution like SugarCRM to offer these collaborative capabilities. And it helps that MindTouch is a collaborative platform that enables integration with other business systems in a relatively intuitive manner.