Integrates with SugarCRM 6.0, Joins Open Cloud CMS And CRM has been sniffing around the customer relationship management market quite a lot recently so the announcement that their cloud-based content management system can now be integrated with open cloud CRM provider SugarCRM (news, site) is not really a surprise.

You only need to go back as far as October last to see Box doing the same with (news, site). With that integration users were given access to all their documents stored in from Salesforce CRM.

With the announcement today, which was made at SugarCRM’s annual SugarCon show, SugarCRM users will be able to access their documents stored in Box's content management system.


If you are going the CRM route then which software you decide to go for -- if you decide on any -- will depend on your needs and what Salesforce or Sugar have to offer, but  Box is the winner by making itself accessible to both.

But this is SugarCRM’s day so let’s put Salesforce aside for now. Only recently upgraded to SugarCRM 6.0 users will be able to access any information, including demo videos that are stored in

Box.net_SugarCRM_2010.jpg in SugarCRM

They will also be able to set up shared workspaces that can be accessed by users inside and outside the enterprise and bring content from Box into it enabling a level of collaboration between users that was not possible with earlier versions of SugarCRM.

SugarCRM 6.0

In the v6.0 release there were dozens of new features, but they fall into two categories aimed at improving user efficiency.

Box.net_SugarCRM Dash_2010.jpg Dashlet on SugarCRM Homepage

These include:

  • Sales And Reporting: New tools, including enhanced dashboards, to give users better insights into how their enterprise is performing internally, and how their clients are responding to sales initiatives. Sales forecasts analyze targets, trends and how the enterprise is performing in respect of each.
  • Information control: Enhanced information access controls including automatic workflow controls that streamlines the flow of information across designated departments and users. Data protection is also enhanced.

It also comes with complete data integration for profiling customers as well as enhanced mobile access for external users. for SugarCRM is available on the Box Business and Enterprise editions for all SugarCRM customers (Community, Professional and Enterprise) although pricing has yet to be clarified.

At the time of the Salesforce integration, was offering unlimited storage for companies that sign up for the service, with an Enterprise level account costing about US$ 25 per month. It is unlikely that this integration will cost any more.

SugarCon continues In San Francisco until tomorrow. If you’re interested in more head to the Box booth No. 308.