Box.net and Salesforce.com Have a Cloud Connection

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Box.net and Salesforce.com Connect Clouds
 What do you get when you mix an online storage service with customer relationship management superstar Salesforce.com? Integration that allows customers to access their files from directly within their CRM platform, that’s what.

Box.net (news, site) recently announced the launch of their handy new application, which also includes support for their OpenBoxplatform, granting users access to integrated services such as Zoho and eFax. Voila: 



Learning Opportunities

Integration with Salesforce.com is nothing new, and Box.net's announcement demonstrates the growing trend toward providing applications on existing Software-as-a-Service platforms.  

Box.net is currently offering unlimited storage for companies that sign up for the service, and an Enterprise level account will run you about US$ 25 per month.