Connecting and SharePoint
BA Insights, a provider of content connectors, has just released the latest in a line of application connectors for SharePoint: Salesforce Connector for SharePoint.

The Salesforce Connector enables you to access data in CRM applications and cloud-based applications within SharePoint search.

Connector Framework

BA Insights Longitude Connector Framework (pdf overview) is designed to help SharePoint access information in other repositories for either searching using SharePoint or Microsoft Search Server.


Longitude Connector Framework

The Connectors have the following features:

  • Secure: Honor the security of the system they connect to using a two-tier security model
  • Flexible: Enable you to connector to a number of databases and document repositories
  • Scalable: The Connectors have been tested to index documents at a rate of 60 per second and 500 per second for database records.

Salesforce Connector

The Salesforce Connector enables you to include data in CRM applications and cloud-based application in searches inside SharePoint.

There are a number of pre-built searches available, or you can create custom searches using SOSQL. In addition Salesforce attachments and notes are also available within SharePoint using the connector.

BAInsights_Connectors.jpg Connector

For those worried about Salesforce quotas, BA Insights says the connector is designed to minimize the number of hits against

A List of Connectors

The Salesforce Connector is the latest in a list of connectors for SharePoint and MS Search Server. Other connectors include Documentum, Lotus Notes, Interwoven Worksite, SAP and more.

The Connectors require no coding and no Windows Services or APIs need to be installed.

A solution to look at if SharePoint is central point of productivity for your organization, you can learn more about the Salesforce Connectors and others on the BA Insights website.