Salesforce CRM Integrates Twitter Client HootSuite
Salesforce (news, site) has officially admitted that it is for the birds. This comes with the announcement that Toucan Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and HootSuite, have been integrated to provide a new Twitter client for

Toucan is the existing Twitter (news, site) client for Salesforce and is a 100% native application that links Twitter accounts with Salesforce customer relationship management.

HootSuite is the professional Twitter client that has advanced features for tracking brands, shortening URLs with, tracking click through stats and sending RSS feeds to Twitter.

Using the two together HootSuite users can import all their profiles into Toucan, and manage the entire Twitter experience from one easy-to-use interface. Salesforce users in return get all the HootSuite features and its URL shortener.

Double Integration

It all started earlier this year when Twitter and Salesforce linked-up. Twitter was integrated with the Service Cloud. Released in January, it enables users monitor and manage conversations that are happening about their company on sites like Amazon, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as blogs.

The integration gave companies an opportunity to utilize the endless amounts of information passing through Twitter including:

  • Help companies search through the millions of "tweets" happening on Twitter every day to find the relevant conversations.
  • After identifying an appropriate "tweet," a company can capture and monitor the conversation by creating a record in the Service.
  • Empower enterprises to be active participants on Twitter by enabling them to funnel relevant solutions from the Service Cloud knowledge base into a Twitter post.

HootSuite And Toucan

Now add to that HootSuite. HootSuite users can import multiple profiles into Toucan and send messages to Twitter from within Salesforce CRM.

From this, they can develop contacts with Twitter followers, communicate with potential customers across Twitter and benefit from advanced statistics using the toolbar.

That’s right,, the "URL shortener on steroids" -- the company’s words not ours!

When you send out an link through HootSuite, it tracks how many people click on that link with the stats showing up within HootSuite.

The Social Bar

Then there’s the social bar. This bar allows users to easily re-tweet, share and vote on links. Each link is tied to a particular HootSuite user and Twitter account.

This is what HootSuite is pushing as one of the real ‘must-have’ features. With a recent upgrade to HootSuite 2.0, comes with a whole bag of features for even the fattest birds.

They include:

  • Reader participation with voting on shared content
  • Reader stats accessible via API where you can monitor the speed and direction of shared content
  • Brand recognition through linking to websites, or twitter accounts via company logos
  • One click opt-out -- If users don’t like what they see they can opt-out of ever seeing an social bar again
  • Bookmarking of links that have been retweeted

And the final icing on the cake -- users can experience the benefits of social CRM with Toucan, even if they are not active customers of