Mobile Enterprise: How Mobile Devices Change Our Behaviors

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The tablet device was supposed to fill that sweet spot between the smartphone and personal computer. And yet, according to a recent AdMob survey of 1,430 tablet owners, the majority (77 percent) use their desktop or laptop PC less after buying the device. Twenty-eight percent use the tablet as their primary PC.

Mobile Devices Changing Our Behaviors

Previously we reported that mobile devices were on track to surpass PCs, and Gartner also agrees. A recent report predicted that due to the success of Apple’s iPad, iOS will account for 69 percent of media tablet OSs in 2011, and will represent 47 percent of the media tablet market in 2015. And while Apple may have transformed the tablet market, much like it transformed the smartphone market, Gartner also forecasts Google’s Android OS to increase its worldwide share of the media tablet market from 20 percent in 2011 to 39 percent in 2015.

As mobile devices surpass laptops, desktops and other more permanent computing devices, the way we work, communicate and otherwise entertain ourselves will change. Case in point: according to a new study from Greystripe, about 78% of consumers who plan to buy a car in the next year will use their smartphone or smartdevice to conduct auto research.


One in four iPhone and Android consumers say they plan to buy a car in the next year. How will these consumers use mobile for research?

As well, the AdMob survey also found numerous ways that tablet devices are changing how we engage with games, news and social networking.

Learning Opportunities


43% spend more time with their tablet than with their desktop.

With the way tablets are changing the way we consume and work, we can only hope that the enterprise and retailers are paying attention so that they can change the way they engage with us.

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