This week, the mobile enterprise tackles consumption, the smart grid and ways to make mobile applications more secure within the enterprise.

Easing Mobile Congestion

The head of the International Telecommunications Union has warned that the proliferation of smartphones is causing heavy congestion on the world's mobile networks. As a result, Dr Hamadoun I. Touré, ITU Secretary-General, strongly advised governments to act quickly to support wireless broadband growth.

Popular smartphones like the iPhone consume five times more data than traditional handsets, which can strain mobile broadband capacity in many areas. In order to combat bottlenecks, municipalities are encouraged to invest in expanding mobile infrastructures and wireless networks to accommodate the more than 2 billion smartphones expected to infiltrate the market by 2015.

Mobile + Energy Management

While smartphone growth is rapidly expanding, there is an added benefit that may help ease energy risks and environmental concerns. Several news items out of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) indicate that mobile operators and device makers may become more involved in selling network access and special energy monitoring devices that promote home energy management. What exactly does that mean? It means that one day we may be able to control our thermostats remotely through our smartphone or tablet.

Such developments have the power to connect the smart grid sector with mobile companies and mobile developers, creating a viable option for consumers to manage their home energy consumption.

Securing Mobile Apps Across the Enterprise

Speaking of the Mobile World Congress, this week Rhomobile announced the release of its award-winning Rhodes framework for building and delivering the best breed of secure, information-rich smartphone applications for the mobile enterprise.

Rhomible Rhombus.JPG

By approaching the way the enterprise builds mobile applications, Rhomobile has created a way for companies to control information and devices more securely. By providing a complete set of products and services for the full lifecycle of enterprise mobility -- from Rhodes development to RhoSync for data distribution to RhoGallery for app management -- there is a great opportunity to secure all aspects of an enterprise smartphone app.