Mobile Enterprise: Security Threats and Business Intelligence

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This week, the mobile enterprise is warned of increased risk of security threats and advised on the many landscapes affected by increased mobility.

Mobile Security Threats Predicted for 2011

2010 was the year of the mobile device. 2011 has been forecasted to be about mobile security, with a focus on security threats. A recent survey by McAfee has predicted that mobile phones are likely to be the target of malicious attacks in 2011.

The report, 2011 Threats Predictions, outlines the company’s concerns about the changing “threats landscape” thanks in part to increases in malware sophistication and targeting and how they relate to seven areas -- including social media, mobile Apple-related products and applications.

Among the cautionary highlights featured in the report, McAfee addresses increased threats for:

More targeted abuses of personal identity and data via social media and networking sites. With more information available combined with lacking user knowledge about how to protect their information, McAfee fears that

spear phishing -- targeted phishing attacks -- will move to Twitter and like technologies because choosing users and groups to exploit through these channels is simple.

More malware of increasing sophistication that targets Macs, thanks to the popularity of iPads and iPhones in business environments and the easy portability of malicious code between them. Mac users who have been afforded the luxury of anti-virus may be surprised by increased data threats and identity exposure as that platforms become more widely used.

GadgetTrak Releases Updated Mobile Security

Heeding the warnings outline in the aforementioned report, many new mobile security applications have emerged, aiming to capitalize on a growing mobile enterprise and the increased security risks.

At CES this year, among the newest gadgets and devices, GadgetTrak released its latest version of Mobile Security. Designed to help mitigate the risk of mobile device loss or theft, by tracking the location of a missing device, backing up data and wiping the device, GadgetTrak Mobile Security works for Android (1.6 +), Blackberry (4.5 +) and iOS.

GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 is currently available for US$ 34.95 per year for laptops and non-iOS smartphones and tablets. iOS users can download the app from iTunes.

A Changing Business Intelligence Landscape

As more mobile devices infiltrate the enterprise, increasing productivity and cutting costs, the business intelligence landscape is expected to change. According to Gartner, four key trends are influencing traditional assumptions about BI and analytics, namely mobility, social collaboration, responsive data and system integrators.

As this is a column about the mobile enterprise, we’re of course most interested in how the mobility of workers is slated to affect business intelligence in 2011.

Learning Opportunities

More Handheld Devices

The report predicted a 33 percent increase in the use of BI tools on hand held devices by 2013, as well as changes in the use of simple reporting applications on these devices to dedicated mobile analytic applications by 2012.

More Access, More Mainstream

The rise of mobile BI, the report indicates, will widen the population of BI users to include a more mainstream audience, presenting an attractive investment opportunity.

Demand For Mobile Support

For remote workers who need to access corporate BI data on their mobile devices, organizations will need to ensure their current BI infrastructure can support the demands of their workers.

Overall, the result of increased demand from end-users for mobile reporting services will undoubtedly change the way the enterprise uses and integrates analytics software.