Handango Mobile Phone Application Provider Report
Handango, a provider of smartphone applications for various mobile platforms, has recently released its First Half 2008 Handango Yardstick, a trend report about smartphone content and applications. Games and entertainment applications are the big winners so far this year, as people turn from productivity to time wasting. The games category leaped from fourth place at year-end 2007 into the second spot behind the entertainment category -- for the first time in Yardstick's history.Handango's First Half 2008 Handango Yardstick report is based on the data gathered on key smartphones and the types of content purchased from Handango distribution networks. While surely not as accurate as we would like to think, the results here are likely on par with what is going on in the industry.

Smartphone Applications Reviewed

After doing some research, Handango was able to generate some numbers to put things into perspective about how people feel about smartphone applications: * Making life easier -- 86% of those surveyed agree or strongly agree * Making life more enjoyable -- 76% of those surveyed agree or strongly agree * Saving people time -- 85% of those surveyed agree or strongly agree * Great time wasters -- 84% of those surveyed agree or strongly agree * Good stocking stuffers -- 37% of those surveyed would purchase mobile apps as a gift * They'll take it -- 56% of those surveyed would like to receive a mobile app as a gift * It's easy -- 73% of those surveyed believe downloading apps onto their smartphone is easy Overall, it appears that people are satisfied with mobile applications. With the opening up of mobile networks and developments of the likes of Android and the iPhone, these numbers will likely increase in the future.

Killing Time > Saving Time

Handango's research found that in the first half of 2008, games and entertainment applications ranked highest in the top selling categories with a combined 42% of unit sales. Business and professional applications didn't fair as well while coming in at third place with 15% of the share. Last but not least, productivity applications sold only 9%. Handango believes that this is a sign of smartphones becoming "mini entertainment centers." Everyone could probably agree that this is the path that mobile technology is taking.

Mobile Platforms in Review

The First Half 2008 Handango Yardstick provides additional information about each primary OS like Windows Mobile Standard, Windows Mobile Pro, Symbian OS, Palm OS and RIM. The report reveals the top 10 best-selling applications for each system. The top application for each system is as follows: * RIM (BlackBerry) -- Ringtone Megaplex * Palm OS -- SplashID for Palm * Windows Mobile Standard -- MobiTV * Windows Mobile Professional -- Spb Mobile Shell * Symbian -- Quickoffice Premier

Recapping the Obvious

Everything in this report could have been expected. Recently, a report has been released about social networks on mobile phones, and there have also been significant developments in mobile technology and applications over the past few months. Software developers are actually beginning to realize how powerful these mobile devices are becoming, but they need to realize how important and functional these devices will really become to the younger generations who utilize them. You can get the complete report at Handango.