With the recent boom in mobile Web users, British and European markets are eager to capitalize on these mobile trends by employing the means to measure their impact effectively and dynamically, approaches which haven't been possible. Until now... European company Xtract, innovator of social advertising intelligence announced that it has closed its series B round of funding from "leading early-stage technology investors" Creandum, Eqvitec Partners and InnovationsKapital. Such funding is evident of the eager interest Venture Capitalists have shown towards excavating social web data in an effort to jump on the mobile band wagon. It also gives Xtract a financial boost towards expanding its market outside Europe. Xtract has proven itself as a company capable of revolutionizing the way mobile Web analytics are gathered and evaluated. For example, the advertising industry is able to make headway using Xtract's capabilities to refine customer data to make their messages in social media and mobile more effective. The 3-D profiles, highlighting social interactions, behavior and demographic information, are just some of the ways Xtract's products capture the mobile web experience for its customers. There are also the claims by Xtract which report that their customers have seen the average ad income increase by as much as 82% and mobile campaigns response rates increase, on an average, by 30%. Such statistics are music to many companies with intensive customer data that already use Xtract to help simplify their analytics. Xtract's product suite is built upon concepts of social interactions, behavior data and other data flow, which allows it to create its dynamic real-time customer profiles. By ensuring the delivery of the right commercial message to the right audience at the right time, as well as the means to accurately report on the effectiveness of any campaign, Xtract has let its presence be known. With mobile web usage hard to track and its impact hard to infer, such efforts by Xtract and others are sure to impact the industry in more ways than just social intelligence.