With cloud file sharing sites seen as hot properties, Zecter (news, site) joins the list as it gets snapped up my mobile giant Motorola.

File Streaming Fun

Zecter is the brains behind Web 2.0 technologies ZumoDrive and ZumoCast, a technology we covered back in September. The idea of streaming your own files to mobile devices is certainly a gripping one -- so much so, that just a few months later, along comes Motorola with a hefty (but unspecified) amount of cash to snap the California-based company.

Zecter had already seen over US$ 2 million invested in it and had signed a deal with HP to provide storage for its netbook users. With a bright future, it will now become part of Motorola's reinvention as the company looks to split in two next year with Motorola Mobility Solutions becoming a new company handling all the former company's mobile technology and software.

Store and Stream

ZumoCast and ZumoDrive work in a useful combination of both storing your files in the cloud, for easy access from a range of devices and also allowing you to play them as if they were local files. The Zecter services could provides a unique selling point on any hardware that the new Motorola would sell and also makes a great licensing opportunity if other providers want a similar service.

ZumoDrive currently comes with 2GB of free storage and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux with  iPhone, iPad, Android and Palm. Other plans stretch from 10GB (US$ 2.99 a month) all the way up to 500GB (US$ 79.99 a month) for enterprises or the most media-hungry users.


The desktop client is a quick download and shows up as a virtual drive on the desktop that can be accessed from anywhere, making a good place to keep images, movies, music and the like. Or, it can be a useful backup resource for distributed offices, small companies and other organizations.