Personalize Your Cloud with ZumoCast
What do you do when you want to view rich media stored on your computer, on your iPhone or iPad? If you're sick of your ol' USB cord lying around, or of paying a yearly US$ 100 subscription fee for a Mobile Me account, ZumoCast has a better solution for you: a free, personal, file-sharing cloud. 

ZumoCast essentially turns your computer into a cloud that, given an Internet connection, you can access from anywhere. Provided by a Silicon Valley startup called Zecter, ZumoCast is the newest member of a family of applications designed to provide easy access to multimedia. The main benefits are:

  • Stream your media and files directly to your Apple device
  • Watch videos of any format, converted on-the-fly
  • Access your entire music collection without having to sync
  • No uploading 

The ZumoCast application itself is pretty straight forward: Once you've downloaded the desktop app, you can designate which media folders on your computer you want to share with either your iPad or iPhone. These folders can include docs, videos, or even your iTunes library folder.

Next, load the ZumoCast iPhone or iPad app, and you'll have full access to the files on your computer. From here you can directly self-share, or stream your videos and music from device to device. 

Check it out:

“The iPad is perfectly suited for enjoying your media library, but it is often difficult to get your music and videos on your device in the first place," claims David Zhao, Zecter's CEO. "ZumoCast not only makes it easy to wirelessly sync all your media with your devices, but it does so without requiring you to upload it to the cloud, which is both time-consuming and costly.”

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