NetBiscuits Offers Mobile Website Creation Tool

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Create killer mobile sites and apps without the need for programming skills thanks to Netbiscuits' cloud-based, cross-platform development system.

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile sites and web apps are the current must-have for any and all businesses. Whether for getting your corporate message across, sharing information, working with media or tying into your desktop or other applications, not having a decent mobile presence could well count against your company when it comes to a buyer's decision.

So, Netbiscuits offers Sitebuilder 2.0, a revised, improved and otherwise bolstered suite of tools for creating both websites and applications for today's touchy-feely generation of smartphones. It does this by breaking down sites into columns and being able to dynamically display them on any device.

Apple-Flavor Biscuits

Using "biscuits", or building-blocks, you can create device-specific output and neat content such as image sliders and cover-flow type menus. All of this is built with a drag and drop, web-based service, so non-experts can quickly create their own stylish apps, tie them into a data source and publish. 

Learning Opportunities

From practical features like tabs within apps, scrollers to must-have additions like maps and location-based searching, features can be added to your iPhone, iPad or other device to make something that a major corporation might be proud of without the time and money of a major development.

Netbiscuits also provides a range of content optimization tools to optimize markup, CSS, images, audio and video on-the-fly, making your content look its best, based on the features of each mobile device.

Have A Nibble

Netbiscuits is available to try as a 30-day demo, and the company has offices worldwide if you're interested in going further. With over 4,000 developers already using the company's products, many more could soon be joining if its usability level is as advertised.

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