Neudesic Evolves Business Communication with Pulse
Bent on the belief that information should be as easy to find within your company as it is online, Neudesic released Pulse, a solution that aims to bring the cream of the enterprise crop to the forefront. 

Introducing Pulse

Pulse is like most other enterprise collaboration platforms in that it uses real-time social media features to boost communication across an organization. 

Using the platform, users can

  • Create topical pages that are viewable by the entire organization, or only specific people using security settings
  • Follow people or systems to receive event updates
  • Search for topics, people, pages or systems to quickly find information
  • Connect to each other from the office or on the road with devices such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7


Pulse interface

Breaking Down the Walls

Designed to breathe life communication into every nook and cranny of an organization, Pulse supports outfits of any size, and claims to be an equal-opportunity platform when it comes to CRM or collaboration tool choice. 

“Our customers agree that current communication mediums do not provide the level of inclusion, transparency and agility their businesses require,” said Neudesic CEO Parsa Rohani. “We wondered why it was easier to find information and interact with people on sites like Facebook and Twitter than in the enterprise. What we realized is that traditional communication methods didn’t connect us to the intelligence and insight at the heart of our business. That’s why we created Pulse: to take business communication to the next level.

To get you started with Pulse, Neudesic offers a Pilot Program for identifying an organization's enterprise collaboration goals, as well as assistance with the installation process. 

Check out more information, including pricing, here