Novell Releases Groupwise 8

Groupwise 8 is now available via Novell. The release aims to boosts personal productivity with a customizable dashboard that allows users to interact with traditional and Web 2.0. tools, from e-mail to blogs. It also provides a flexible and reliable tool on a platform that is able to run on multiple servers and clients -- including Windows, Linux, Mac and the Web.

Among the interface and administrative upgrades to its messaging and calendaring platform, Groupwise 8 will offer more customizable options that work to collaborate and communicate with users and other email systems, like introducing third-party editing support, so users can compose e-mail messages from Word or

In addition, it has added RSS support, threaded discussions and webmail, as well as the ability to move items like e-mails and appointments into an ad hoc task list, send and import display settings from other people, and attach notes to received attachments.
Some of the other features of Groupwise include:
  • Interactive home view: Allows users to stay focused on their work without having to jump between applications to do their jobs.
  • Support for hundreds of handheld devices:  Supports hundreds of mobile devices, including iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm to keep users connected and productive from anywhere.
  • Enhanced calendar: Realtime calendaring with external publishing capabilities helps users coordinate with internal parties, external clients and contractors for an interconnected, seamless flow of work. 
  • Robust contact management: Integrated contact management allows users to embed relevant information like maps, photos and personal details into the contact file, providing a single location to help track, manage and build business relationships.
  • Threaded discussions: Simplifies e-mail threads and allows users to manage communication quickly, efficiently and in the manner that works best for them.
  • Intuitive task management: Allows users to prioritize tasks, add subtasks and visually track tasks through completion. Users can also turn e-mails into tasks, saving them time and effort moving action items received in e-mail directly on to their task list.
By eliminating unnecessary steps and costly disruptions, the hope is that users can achieve increased productivity. Acknowledging that email remains the primary way businesses (and their users) communicate, Groupwise capitalizes on this but also enables ways for companies to embrace other popular and strategic communication tools, like instant messaging, blogs, wikis, and social networking
As businesses become more familiar and comfortable with advanced forms communication, the more likely they may be to incorporate or see the benefits of telecommuting and remote offices as a way to simplify communication, maintain business relationships and boost workforce productivity.
The software costs US$ 143.00 per seat. You can learn more at