Zoho (news, site) offers a way to link all your popular Web-based calendars in one all-encompassing digital diary.

All Your Appointments in One Place

Unified communications is still far from a reality in the enterprise, yet alone for the rest of trying to make it through the day with a hodge-podge of systems and devices. Zoho's Calendar is a step in the right direction and the latest version has emerged from beta into the bright lights.

With an Outlook Plugin, links to Google Calendar and others via the iCal format, Zoho Calendar can be integrated into other Zoho apps to make it the center of your working universe. You can import from an old calendar you no longer want to use, or subscribe to one that you will still use to keep your Zoho Calendar regularly updated. 


Manage events and multiple calendars, and sync to Outlook

Clear As Day

From it, users can send and receive invitations, get reminders and view the calender on their mobile devices (via the browser) and much more. Events from your various other calendars are displayed in different colors. The Outlook plug-in adds a toolbar menu option and allows users to sync the content of their Zoho calendar to Outlook, making keeping all your information up to date in multiple places.

If you stick with Zoho as your main source, then you can embed a Zoho calendar into your company or project websites, with a range of template designs. You can also integrate it with other Zoho products including CRM and Projects to run and collaborates with teams. 

Everyone Likes an Invite

When you schedule an event, you can invite others to attend, be it a social or business occasion. If your contacts have their own calendars, then you can see whether they are free or busy at the appointed date and time. With agenda and various other views, users can have Calendar as detailed or as compact as required.

Calendars can be read-only if you want to be in charge, or read/write if a number of people need to set up dates and appointments. You can sign up for Zoho Calendar for free and access other Zoho Live services once you've logged in.

This update to Calendar adds to Zoho's ever-growing range of office and business apps and, with increasing integration, it is rapidly becoming something that can match Microsoft Office or Google Docs in the ecosystem stakes.