One Microsoft OS to Rule PC, Tablets, Phones?

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One Microsoft OS to Rule PC, Tablets, Phones?
Microsoft (news, site) has been talking about a single "ecosystem" for all devices in the near future, from TVs, to PCs, tablets, consoles and phones.

Preaching to its Partners

Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Event is a massive shindig to cheer on the people who make and sell Microsoft-powered products to consumers and the enterprise. It wrapped up in LA on Thursday and was a major showcase for products, services and a platform for big speeches and awards for the best devices and sellers.

This year it featured guests such as Richard Branson, CEO Steve Ballmer, COO Kevin Turner and other luminaries. The big note that rang out from Andy Lees, President of the Windows Phone Division, presentation was the news that one day there will be a "single ecosystem" for all devices.

You can view a video of his speech here, where he talks about how the motherboard for Windows 8 machines is smaller than that found in a phone, offering the system-on-a-chip, which means computers can appear almost anywhere and will need a consistent interface across them. There's also a demo of the next Windows Phone 7 version, Mango.

Windows (or Similar) Everywhere

While Windows might not be the name that appears in all these devices, the name certainly isn't going to go away. But the overriding need for all these devices to talk to each other and share data via the cloud means that a standard OS and interface will be needed. We've seen Google and Apple making big cloud plays recently, expect all Microsoft devices to share that skill soon.

Learning Opportunities

So, while Microsoft might only provide a range of OSs for various devices (Lees make a key point that the Windows Phone OS will not move over to tablets), while they might not be identical in the core, they can certainly work together and share information.

This switch back to the unified use-focused system is a push powered by the rise of phones and tablets, but will soon move to the TV, e-reader, in-car system and other areas. Whoever wants to play across all these spaces needs a slick and friendly system, and Microsoft's recent efforts could see it be a strong favorite.

The video mentioned above is hardly ground-breaking newswise, but it does set the stage neatly for the next year or so of Microsoft development and technology.

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