Ontoprise Releases a Semantic Enterprise Wiki

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Ontoprise Releases a Semantic Enterprise Wiki
German company, Ontoprise launches the latest version of its open source Semantic MediaWiki+ to help improve a company's knowledgebase and make finding information and retrieval easier.

Digging the Information Mine

Too much data and information is a growing problem for any number of companies, not just major enterprises. Finding that data, in context, is something that standard search engines are not very good at. So, we arrive in the realm of semantic search.

Ontoprise thinks that its semantic wiki will make life easier for those in need of not just search results, but knowledge.

SMW+, while sounding like a big scary concept, has practical uses which include creating company wide knowledge bases, helping to apply standard terminology across a widespread organization and managing unstructured projects that produce data that will not easily fit into a typical database. 

The latest version, v 1.4.4 -- arriving some three months after the last update -- incorporates an improved editor that makes it easier to embed media files. There is also a search results feature that shows suitable answers in chart format, improved importing features and a meta model to help build better wikis. The whole process works by tagging actual data with semantic data (think of it as annotated comments) that can be indexed, linked and searched on. Existing data from CRM or BI systems can be imported, or wikis can be created from the bottom up.

Learning Opportunities

The results are an easier to search wiki, information that can be automatically updated across the entire information base, context of data can be preserved and complex issues or projects can be managed.

You can visit an example wiki that covers the product features. SMW+ is available for Windows and costs €199 (US$ 278) per copy. Note that it can also be downloaded for free from SourceForge without the installer or additional content.

Also of interest may be Ontoprise's SemanticMiner for SharePoint which applies the same technology to data locked in SharePoint repositories. SemanticMiner offers dynamic navigation and context-sensitive semantic search so that SharePoint users will be able to find and access the data that would otherwise be hard to access.