If your preference is for open source solutions, here's one that may interest you. They didn't make it to the list of Digitial Asset Management Systems in the CMS Watch Digital Asset Management Report for 2009, but that may be because they are a solution for smaller businesses who are just starting to examine their DAM needs.

OpenEdit is a JAVA based open source web application, available under the GNU LGPL license. It is said to be a solution that can be used to create and maintain websites and applications that require Content Management, Digital Asset Management, e-Commerce and Social Media. It can be installed on Windows, Linux, Solaris and OSX.

What's interesting though is that they sell it primarily as a web-based DAM solution that also has web content management.

Under development in some form or another for over 10 years, OpenEdit is still a relatively small company headquartered out of Cincinnati, Ohio. There's actually a large number of companies using the solution, although it's difficult to tell how big they are.

Updates for v5.2014

There are a number of updates listed for OpenEdit including:

Updates to the Product Details Page

  • Related Products: When creating a related version of an asset, keep the metadata associated with the original asset and you can also update all related assets when editing the original one.
  • Product Versioning: You can track all versions of a product image when you upload a new image.
  • Improved Media Previews: Support for more browsers and file types - something they say is continually evolving.
  • Printer Friendly Metadata Page: View a flat file containing all asset metadata for a page, includes the ability to email this page to others.

Additional Enhancements

  • New Metadata Types: Including multi-select checkboxes and tables
  • Improved File Manager: New look and feel, easier to use
  • New Results View Option: An improved easy to read search results page
  • Improved Security: cross-site scripting vulnerability has been closed
  • Improved Data Editor: Table view displays correctly and improved support for dependent lists

If you are interested in finding out more about this solution, check out their website. Don't be surprised to find some links not working - we did. A bit disappointing when you are trying to get a feel for how good a solution is.