CMS Watch DAM Report 2009

When it comes to Digital Asset Management, most of the players are divided between low-end solutions and high-end solutions. According to the recent DAM report from CMS Watch, the mid-market offering is going by the way side. One would think this is somewhat odd, considering the middle market is probably the largest one out there.

The Digital & Media Asset Management Report 2009

CMS Watch has released the latest version of their DAM report, providing an overview of the market and supplying a number of best practices and usage scenarios. The report includes detailed reviews of ten DAM solutions including the likes of ClearStory, North Plains, Interwoven, OpenText, WAVE, Adam Software, Widen, MediaBeacon, Day, MOSS and Nstein. It also covers a number of up and comers.

The report covers four categories including enterprise level, mid-market, lightweight and niche and according to the report, the number of mid-market vendors is steadily declining at a time when organizations are looking for solutions in this price range. CMS Watch Principal DAM Analyst, Theresa Regli says "This situation is a serious problem for buyers who need more from their DAM system than a simple digital archive, but don't have six-figure budgets."

Sorry to Talk About the Economy, But...

You are probably getting tired of hearing about the effect the economy is having on decision making, but the reality is money is tight and organizations only want the minimum functionality needed. CMS Watch has seen this clearly in their DAM research saying that organizations are only looking for what they need, at a price they can afford.

Kas Thomas, co-author of the report says "Because the costs involved in a full-featured, licensed solution may be prohibitive, some buyers are turning to fixed-price, hosted DAM, or stretching their workgroup-level solution -- perhaps from the likes of Adobe, Apple, or Microsoft -- beyond its capabilities."

Where are All the Middle Guys

If the need for mid-market vendors is so strong, then where are they all? The report covers four mid-market vendors including ADAM Software, WAVE, MediaBeacon, Canto and Widen. If this is all there is out there, these guys must be getting very excited right now.

However, their excitement may not last as some of the those big boys are now offering hosted solutions alongside their more expensive licensed offerings. With SaaS Web CMS Solutions being so popular right now, the market for SaaS-based DAM may start to grow significantly.

We've seen a couple of other potential mid-market vendors in the open source community including Nuxeo's new product and Razuna. Maybe there are more out there not covered in this report.

You can read the full report for US$ 895.00 for the SMBWorkgroup Edition or US$ 1,975.00 for the full version that include the Enterprise Vendors.