Open-Xchange Integrates Collaboration Software with Unified Communications
German developer Open-Xchange has teamed up with Romanian outfit Rack-Soft. The combination of both companies' products offer a total communication solution with telephone, fax, instant messaging integrated with e-mail, contacts, calendar and task information.

Did they miss anything -- perhaps a psychic hotline?

With unified communications picking up a lot of press as companies try to keep their employees in contact via the most suitable means, competition is increasing for the major players like Cisco.

Smaller outfits will increasingly group together as these two have done. The combined package is available as an on-premise or as-a-service and they have worked with SaaS expert Parallels to simplify deployment for new users.

Rack-Soft brings its hosted PBX and the latest version of VoipNow (2.0.3), which has just added local time zone support to make handling international calls easier, while Open-Xchange provides the e-mail and collaboration components


Open-Xchange offers an AJAX e-mail app.

With Open-Xchange's Community Edition available free for non-commercial use, a trial version and a range of Appliance, Server and Hosting editions, there's bound to be something for everyone.