Oracle Abuzz With Its Beehive

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Oracle Beehive
Oracle comes to rescue the Enterprise 2.0 corporate bees with its new solution dubbed Beehive that aims to allow employees to collaborate through electronic workspaces, calendar, IM, e-mail, voice mail and conferencing applications. All of that is done in the name of collaboration and the ability to easily share and simultaneously work on documents, e-mails and multimedia files.Beehive is a brand new Oracle product that is, as the company says, built from scratch over the past three years. Beehive’s advantage seems to be in the area of centering the system on the back-end as compared to relying on the software installed on personal clients. Integration with MS Outlook is yet another positive biggie in Beehive, as it can co-exist with Microsoft Exchange (Lotus Notes, too).

What You Can Do With Beehive

With Beehive, Oracle addresses two business challenges around collaboration: teaming up securely and doing it in the context of current business processes. Beehive’s features include role-based access control and the ability to embed collaboration directly into existing business applications and processes in the standards-based, hot-pluggable architecture.Beehive also works with a several e-mail programs, including MS Outlook. The product works with existing collaboration clients and servers on Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms and can be deployed on the premise or through Oracle On Demand.In Beehive, you can add members to collaboration groups, collaborate on a presentation simultaneously and store files of various types in a shared workspaceFor compliance purposes, there’s built-in security including verifiable deletion, auditing, policy management and encryption.

Embracing Enterprise 2.0

When it comes to Enterprise 2.0, Oracle knows what it is doing. The giant has embraced Enterprise 2.0 itself. At its recent OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, the company announced the release of Oracle WebCenter Suite, a set of products that allow customers to establish online portals with services such as discussion forums and wikis. Beehive is priced at $120 per user. Find out more about the product on Oracle’s site.