Oracle Hosts Its Blogs on Movable Type?

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Oracle Blogs on Movable Type
Now here's an interesting note that crossed our path today. According to CMS Watch, Oracle is hosting all their blogs including the Oracle ECM Fusion blog on the Movable Type platform.CMS Watch points out clearly that Oracle sells its own blogging capabilities through several of it's products including Stellent, Oracle and it's latest acquisition BEA AquaLogic. So what exactly is going on?In their Enterprise Social Software Report 2008, CMS Watch did caution about Oracle's "lack of decent blogging functionality", so maybe this is Oracle's way of acknowledging they have work to do in this area. It does make you pause and wonder if a company like Oracle with a hugely successful ECM suite really has their stuff together. May be all these acquisitions are causing more problems then they bargained for -- and the Web 2.0 technology is suffering as a result.Or maybe they just like Movable Type better.Curious to know what you think of this turn of events. Does it make you think twice about Oracle?