Along with the recent launch of Oracle(R) Fusion Middleware 11g from Oracle (news, site) came a little something extra for business users and IT.

Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g is described by the company as a modern enterprise portal platform, and aims to bring together people in organizations with the business processes and information they require.

Middleware 11g

Oracle’s band of middleware products integrate with the company’s established applications and technologies in order to speed up implementation and cut management costs. A so-called "foundation for innovation", the main functions of Oracle's latest release include:

  • Enables business applications
  • Exploits new hardware and software architectures
  • Provides an application-centric approach to security
  • Connects people, processes, and applications through an enterprise portal

“With the release of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, more than 90,000 current customers gain a foundation for innovation to further differentiate their organizations from competitors and efficiently identify and respond to changes in their business," said Thomas Kurian, Oracle Senior Vice President Server Technologies. "Offering further integrations within and across the product line and major technical innovations in every product category, Oracle is helping customers realize the promise of modern IT efficiency.”

Modern = Social

Speaking of an enterprise portal, let’s get on to the good stuff. One leg of Fusion Middleware 11g is Oracle WebCenter Suite, a portal platform that reportedly integrates Enterprise 2.0 capabilities into business processes to create richer, faster connections.

Learning Opportunities

WebCenter Suite 11g bundles together enterprise content management, enterprise search, business process management, and presence capabilities. As a “hot-pluggable” part of Oracle Fusion Middleware, it beefs up the value of existing strategic investments through integrations with offerings like Oracle Database, Oracle Identity Management, Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Applications, as well as various third-party applications.

Additionally, the framework supports the creation of all types of portals, Web sites, and composite applications, and is designed to enable business users to evolve their applications as their business evolves.Benefits include:

  • Complete—Provides a comprehensive solution for all enterprise portal use cases with a rich set of Enterprise 2.0 services
  • Open—Supports industry standards and is hot-pluggable with existing enterprise applications, security systems, and content repositories
  • Manageable—Scales from workgroup to enterprise-wide use with one centrally managed deployment that offers Web analytics and system management tools
  • Richer connections—Let's get social with it. Optimize the connections between people, information, business processes, applications, and systems with online communities, integrated Enterprise 2.0 services, and runtime user customization
  • Faster time-to-value—Speeds development and deployment through integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database, and Oracle Applications

"Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g offers so many pre-packaged components that put power in the hands of the business user instead of requiring the IT department to develop customized applications," said Jennifer Briscoe, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Collect America. "The ability to create composite applications coupled with the productivity gains of embedding communities directly into any type of application enables our business users to effect positive change for the business."

Gotta Have It

If you need portal mashups that consolidate business applications, business intelligence, content, and social computing services, it looks like this may be your golden ticket. Check out more information on the solution here and let us know if it floats (or sinks) your boat.