Prinova Adds Connectors for Marketing, CRM and Multi Channel Delivery
And the targeted beat goes on. This week Prinova Software (news, links) kicked out a new version of their enterprise message management software, packing it with increased functionality and more than 100 new features including those personalized campaigns we’ve all come to love so much.  

Messagepoint 3.0

Prinova says that on average, 90% of transactional documents (statements, bills, confirmations, etc.) are reviewed for 1-3 minutes by the consumer. It’s a small window, but still a potentially lucrative one. Messagepoint’s particular method is one we’re slowly becoming more familiar with: jamming the white space full of targeted ads.

By using either specific messaging “Zones” or full page “onserts”, the content Messagepoint 3.0 displays can be reflective of the reviewing individual’s attributes or buying behavior.

"One of the biggest challenges for business owners is creating, targeting and delivering highly personalized messaging to their customers through the best touchpoint and channel without having to work through IT,” explains Nick Romano, President of Prinova. “The launch of the version 3.0 of our Messagepoint message management solution demonstrates our continued leadership in the Enterprise Message Management space and dedication to enabling the enterprise to maximize campaign ROI.”

The New Stuff

Messagepoint 3.0 works with major document composition tools and e-delivery platforms like e-mail, and SMS. Some of the new features include:

  • Enhanced User Interface - New, updated layout and design
  • Workgroups – Departments and teams can be organized within the messagepoint solution using login access restrictions. This enables controlled interdepartmental campaigning and limit message management to content relevant to the user.\
  • Selectable Messages & Parameters – Multiple content variations can be selected, parameterized, customized and re-used across customers and touchpoints.
  • Data Connector Bus - Interface to external Enterprise Marketing Management, campaign management and CRM systems connects other value added data to the messaging decision process, and extends centrally managed enterprise systems for local personalization and delivery
  • Reporting Integration – Integration to industry standard reporting tools connects Messagepoint tracking data to enterprise business intelligence and analytics systems
  • Multi-Channel Delivery Connector Bus – Increases delivery system integration providing connection to customer touchpoints

You ARE a Beautiful and Unique Snowflake

Like we recently reported, most people nowadays want to be tracked and offered customized campaigns over unsolicited e-mails and popups. For now, Prinova’s solution—designed for companies that develop and deliver large volumes of personalized business docs (Financial Services, Telecom, Service Providers)—looks like it’s on the right track.

For more information or a free 1 day trial, head on over.