Following up on their plans to bring a little Web 2.0 into the enterprise space, the Sage team (news, site) has announced the upcoming release of the new Sage Enterprise Webtop. Designed to operate on the cloud or on premise, the tool represents the company’s shift toward an all out user-centric good time.  

Desktop or Web

The Webtop is an upcoming extension of Sage ERP X3, Sage’s flagship solution for enterprise resource planning. Its new desktop-or-web shtick represents an overall change in Sage’s working vision, best put by Emmanuel Obadia, vice president, Sage ERP X3:

Sage ERP X3 v6 has been built around the user and we have placed great emphasis on ensuring it can adapt to the way each user works. Too often ERP users have had to adapt to the way their applications work but our vision is for customers to have a completely personalized experience, where they can tailor Sage ERP X3 to their exact needs. Through innovations such as Sage Enterprise Webtop we are delivering on this vision.

And so, without further ado:

Sage Enterprise Webtop

Sage Enterprise Webtop is made possible by both Sage and Netvibes (news, site), providers of personal dashboard publishing platform solutions. It enables users to create their own personalized widget dashboard applications for managing activities such as sales, HR, or customer relationships.

Some of the perks to come:

  • Drag-and-Drop Publishing: Netvibes' design and publishing tools make it easy and intuitive for any users to build real-time dashboards
  • Sage Enterprise Widget Pack: Professional workplace widgets that let users access Sage ERP X3 critical business information, perform database queries, view customer information, manage extended enterprise relationships, etc.
  • Self-Service Licenses: Publish self-serve dashboards for the extended enterprise that enable partners to access invoices, payments, reports, etc.
  • Strategic Support: As an extension of Sage ERP X3, Sage will provide the same training and strategic design to ensure the success of every implementation
  • Developer's Network: Sage partners will soon be able to create and offer new workplace tools on Sage Enterprise Webtop
  • Built-in Widget Library: Enterprises can draw from more than 185,000 official widgets and feeds

“Sage Enterprise Webtop will enable any employee, team and permitted external stakeholder to create their own personal dashboards, ensuring they always have the perfect tools for their job or relationship," added Obadia.

It's in the Works

We’ve seen a lot of attempts to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and the Enterprise, and Sage’s new webtop is just another example of the shift. Will it stick? There sure has been a lot of speculation about the struggle of social software in the workplace, but perhaps we're nearing a turning point. Keep up with us for more news about the all-in-one solution, which the company says is scheduled to come with the next point release of Sage ERP X3 sometime this year.