Introduces New User Interface with Spring '10
Next month will see the first of’s 2010 releases with the launch of Spring ’10. Of the changes, a new interface will combine much of the old with an updated look and feel that is designed to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

The new interface will be applied across the Sales Cloud 2, Service Cloud 2 and All three will benefit from new features as well as the UI upgrade in the first of their tri-annual upgrades that aim to keep their cloud as up-to-date as possible.

New User Interface

The interface gives businesses access to vital information about clients and shares that information with other users. Subscribers have a whole list of pre-installed programs to choose from, which they then install on the interface according to their needs.

The new interface will add to the functionality, the company says, and has undergone some considerable testing to make things easier to find, particularly the new factions related to their three principal products.

However, apart from that they haven’t said a lot about it so you’ll have to wait for it to come out to see.

salesforce_new ui_2010.jpg UI

Sales Cloud 2

There are other upgrades across their platform we can have a quick look at. Sales Cloud 2 is now more than ten years old and has, according to the company, just about 69,000 customers.

Originally introduced as a sales application that would be as easy to use as eBay or Amazon, it counts some of the world’s really big sales teams amongst its users, possibly because of the constant upgrading geared towards making it easier for sales people to sell.

Sales Cloud 2 upgrades include:

  • Real-Time Quotes Sync, which will enable users to generate and send quotes based on customer information as well as syncing the final quote with the sales close. The API also enables it integrate with third-party systems that can provide forecasts and sales reports in real-time.
  • Mobile Lite, which does exactly what you would expect it to do, enabling users to access any edition of from their mobiles. This feature was only available in the Professional Edition and above until now.

Service Cloud 2

There are also a number of upgrades to Service Cloud 2, which joins contact service technologies with social and collaboration tools Twitter, Facebook and Google for better customer service. Currently, more than 8,000 companies have signed up to Service Cloud 2 for their customer service operations.

In the Spring ’10 release new features include:

  • Salesforce Answers will be able to use tools like Facebook and Twitter to exploit and access knowledge that is spread across the entire web and to interact with communities in related fields. The objective is to improve customer services and give them access to all information needed.
  • Entitlements and service contracts will allow call canter agents to track entitlements and contracts and ensure SLA’s are met more efficiently. upgrades

There will also be upgrades to the cloud computing platform that will enable developers to design and build applications up to five times quicker than previously. already provides real-time customization, databases, real-time work flow and approvals and real-time mobile deployment.

Upgrades to include:

  • Adobe Flash Builder for, an integrated development environment enabling developers to build cloud-based applications for the Flash Player or directly to the desktop via Adobe AIR. The integration will allow for client-side data management and synchronization between cloud and client.
  • Authenticated Sites will enable companies to run both public and private authenticated websites on the platform. This will come with security functions like self-registration, secure login UI components and security profile data.

A confirmed date for these releases is not available yet, but it will be in February -- which means it could be as early as next week.