ShoZu Gets the Top Mobile Award Nod from Juniper
Juniper Research has given top place in the Future Mobile Awards to ShoZu, a provider of mobile social media services connecting mobile consumers with their online social networks, personal blogs and photo sharing sites.

Judging Criteria

Per Juniper Research, the Future Mobile Awards are given to companies that are believed to have made significant progress during the previous year, and are now poised to make considerable market impact in the future. Juniper Research and a panel of expert judges look pretty closely at the nominees and base their awards decision on a variety of factors: * Innovation * Customer retention and growth * Commercial deployment * Ease of use * Revenue generation * Pricing (for services/products) * Capability/functionality Ian Chard, panel judge and analyst at Juniper Research says, "ShoZu offers mobile network operators an established, all-round Mobile Web 2.0 on/off-deck turnkey platform.” With an average user generating 20 network “events” (i.e. content uploads/downloads) per month, ShoZhu’s award must be well earned.

ShoZu’s Backround

ShoZu has partnered with Telecom Italia, Singapore's StarHub and 3 (Austria and U.K.) under revenue-share agreements, while shipping as an embedded application on Motorola and Samsung handsets. By providing the mobile web equivalent of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and catering to the needs of users. ShoZu CEO Mark Bol commented, "ShoZu has received some of the top awards in the industry, but being recognized by a respected analyst firm like Juniper Research is particularly gratifying.” ShoZu is a mobile utility that speeds and simplifies the process of interacting with online social media from the mobile phone by enabling users to connect to over 50 Web 2.0 sites - ranging from Facebook to YouTube, Flickr, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, Photobucket, Twitter, Google Blogger, WordPress and beyond - from a single interface. ShoZu can be installed on a handset, smartphone, iPhone, or BlackBerry.

What’s ShoZu All About

Here are all the ways in which ShoZu keeps mobile folks connected: * Photo and Video Upload: ShoZu enables one-click uploading of camera phone videos and pictures to over 30 online social networks, blogs, photo sites and other popular web destinations. * Friends’ Feeds Download: With ShoZu you can instantly get your friends’ Flickr photos on your phone. * Read and Reply to Comments: Instant updates sent to a user’s phone as friends post comments. * Status Updates: The application allows you to change your status for different accounts direct from a phone. * Tags, Titles and Descriptions: Users can add tags or do a little moblogging with descriptions. * Geotagging: If you have a GPS enabled phone, ShoZu can geotag your photos and videos.

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