Snowbound (news, site) offers a way for Android users to view those vital office docs without leaping through executive hoops.

Visiting the Doc

Document viewers are becoming a stock app for business mobile users who need to check their office files on a regular basis. Snowound is releasing a Web app for Android phone or tablet users. The Java-based app offers zooming and rotation to get the required information on-screen in the most useful perspective.

Snowbound offers a range of document imaging, coversion and viewing software and the Android app joins iPhone and iPad plus desktop versions. Able to view just about any type of document file, users who need to check something out in a hurry or on-the-go can do so with a minimum of fuss.  

Taking AIIM

The app is being unveiled at the AIIM OnDemand Expo 2011, which takes place in Washington DC next week, March 22 through 24. The AIIM Conference and Expo at info360 covers the software and hardware used to capture, store, analyze, gain access to and deliver enterprise information. All the document management bigwigs will be there.

Snowbound will also be showing its VirtualViewer AJAX application running on standard Windows PCs or the Apple iPad and iPhone. We'll have more from Snowbound and across the event over the course of next week.