Social CRM Meets Enterprise 2.0 in New Engagement Model

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Bridging the Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 Gap
Moxie Software took this week's Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara as an opportunity to reveal their efforts, in conjunction with IDEO, to break down the walls between Enterprise 2.0 and Social CRM.

Built-in Knowledge Sharing

First, a bit of history. Customer Engagement Spaces has been Moxie's answer to the CRM needs of organizations for some time now. A leg of the product called Knowledgebase is exactly what it sounds like: a wealth of knowledge. Knowledgebase provides everything from the freedom of self-service for customers via access to a public portal of knowledge articles, to complete access to customer transaction history for agents. 

This week, the power of Knowledgebase has been extended to Moxie's Employee Engagement Spaces product. With integrated access to Knowledgebase, CRM and Enterprise 2.0 capabilities get close and personal by way of co-creation, capture, and knowledge sharing between employees, partners and customers.

CRM + E2.0

The benefit of linking an enterprise's support community and employee engagement solution is great for both sides of the coin -- customers get their issues resolved faster and more effectively, while employees and partners gain a better understanding of customer needs and challenges. 

 Employee Engagement Spaces also features the following new perks:

Learning Opportunities

  • An integration framework that provides pre-built integration to all major enterprise applications
  • Integration with SharePoint
  • Integration with MS Exchange
  • Enhanced Micro blogging with real-time notifications
  • Enhanced Projects allows employees to collaborate around projects
  • Virtual Private Cloud for companies that require a segmented/private location for their data

Meanwhile, Customer Engagement Spaces also got a few upgrades:

  • SharePoint Search Connector: In addition to knowledgebase search, allows SharePoint repositories to be indexed and federated into search results
  • Search Engine Integration: Customer knowledgebase can be searched through various search engines, which significantly broadens any company’s ability to leverage their self-service investments.
  • Additional search filtering and version management enhancements
  • Five new Customer Portal Languages: Danish, Greek, Polish, Russian, and Turkish

“The Winter 2010 edition is a key milestone in delivering Moxie’s vision of providing a social enterprise platform that is organized and designed the way people work,” said Tom Kelly, CEO, Moxie Software. “We continue to raise the bar on providing solutions that are intuitive, flexible and built around how work gets done — empowering employees, partners and customers to work across organizational silos and physical distance.”

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