Socialtext 4.5 Searches Metadata & Connects
Socialtext (news, site) is bringing some heat to this week's Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara by debuting the newest version of their social Enterprise suite: Socialtext 4.5. Platform perks include a connector and a metadata search engine called Socialtext Explore. 

Socialtext Explore

Socialtext Explore is the company's most recent response to the age of information overload. By attaching metadata to each action (including messages), the platform is now searchable and sortable by tag, person, group or date range.  

In addition to enabling users to find old links, messages, pages, etc. Socialtext Explore also promotes the discovery of related information. 

Socialtext + Salesforce

Meanwhile, the new connector attempts to bridge information silos in a visual way:

Socialtext 4.5 Connector example

As you can see, the connector enables Socialtext customers to choose actions performed from within and inject them as events into the Socialtext activity stream. From there, employees from all walks of the company can discuss, collaborate, and take action (effectively making CRM more social).

Though still in beta, the Connector is a nice follow-up to similar endeavors, such as Socialtext Connect and SharePoint integration.

"Right now, employees waste a day a week looking for people and information," says Eugene Lee, Socialtext's CEO. "By bridging information silos and making it simpler for people to share and discover work with colleagues, Socialtext 4.5 accelerates business performance and the speed with which employees can serve their customers."

The 4.5 release also features some pre-built connectors to WordPress and Bugzilla that mike strike your fancy. Get more info here