SocialText Integrates Microblogging and People Search with SharePoint 2010

SocialPoint, the tool that links the Socialtext platform (news, site) and SharePoint, just got some fancy new duds. Now complete with a microblogging system and searchable directory, the SocialPoint upgrade aims to enable more productivity in a familiar environment. 

Here's a more detailed look at the new additions: 

Enterprise microblogging in SharePoint: The Socialtext platform has a feature called Socialtext Signals, which is more or less the company's internal, enterprise-y version of Twitter:

Socialtext Signals

The new Socialpoint allows this feature to be integrated into SharePoint, meaning you can post and view messages from the comfort of your own platform without having to worry about security. 

Search the people directory from within SharePoint: As for the social networking bit, a feature called Social People is Socialtext's internal, enterpris-y version of--you guessed it--Facebook! (Or perhaps LinkedIn is more appropriate.) Rich profiles display a user's photo, skills and latest activities, in addition to contact information.

The Socialpoint upgrade makes all of this data searchable from within SharePoint.

"This SocialPoint upgrade was a direct response to our enterprise customers who rely on Socialtext to connect their people and drive new business opportunities, but also depend on SharePoint for existing workflows and document management processes," said Eugene Lee, Socialtext's CEO. "We want to make sure it's easy for people to get the most from both platforms to maximize their productivity and serve their customers better."

The upgrade reportedly works with both SharePoint 2007 and 2010, and you can try it for free here