Today Spigit (news, site) released a new iteration of their enterprise-level idea management platform, S3. The new version focuses on flexibility and scalability by bringing a new widget-based framework to the table. 

Redefining Innovation

If you haven't been tuned to Spigit's activities, S3 essentially gives clients the ability to personalize their idea management, innovation, or cost savings communities without enlisting professionals. The new framework builds on the idea of D-I-Y management by enhancing its ability to adapt to an organization's needs (and widget-based equals deep customizability). 

"For a business to have a successful idea management platform in a Web-centric world, it must be flexible, reliable and provide users the ability to effectively analyze and monitor the flow of information and content," said Michael Fauscette, Group Vice President of IDC. "Building on Spigit's experience in providing robust and flexible idea management platforms, the launch of this latest version offers customers a leap forward in effectively managing innovation."

On another note, this iteration is the first major release of the Pleasanton, CA based company's flagship product since 2009, so there are quite a few updates involved. Other highlights include: 

  • Built-in widget-level access controls allow only particular groups of users access to view specific widgets on their screen. This ensures that the information displayed is tailored to the individual's role within an organization.
  • An auto-save system saves data and information at 20 second intervals
  • Administrative users can move ideas and categories across multiple communities 
  • An upgraded analytics system (powered by Google)

S3 and SharePoint 

An enterprise-friendly platform, S3 has been available within SharePoint since late last year. All of S3'she new features will be available within the system as well (though we haven't heard whether this applies to SP2010): 


Spigit for SharePoint 

Management At Your Fingertips

Spigit has been active on the mobile front as well. The company launched MobileSpigit early last month, enabling iPhone users to store innovation in their pocket. Users can: 

  • Connect to their community from anywhere
  • Collaborate on-the-go 
  • Receive automatic status updates on projects, ideas and proposals 

"People are on the go, discussing ideas and problems with co-workers, family and friends, gaining insight from the crowd and their surroundings," said Paul Pluschkell CEO and co-founder of Spigit. "We've seen this new mobile revolution and have leveraged our collective idea management platform to allow our customers to capture those innovative thoughts while away from their desk, making sure that no idea is wasted or forgotten."

As Innovation and Idea Management become more important to business strategy, so do grassroots efforts from every member of the team. Spigit's solution promotes this sort of activity from any place and any time, and their new framework highlights the flexibility of Web. If you're interested, you can find out more information about Spigit's platform, or download a free trial, by heading over to their site.